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  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your piercing or the jewellery.
  • Clean your piercing twice a day using a liquid anti-bacterial soap. The shower provides the best place to adequately lather and rinse piercings.
  • Suggested name brands include:
    • Provon (active ingredient: chloroxylenol/PCMX)
    • Satin (active ingredient: chloroxylenol/PCMX)
    • Softsoap (active ingredient: triclosan)
  • Soaps containing PCMX have been tested to be more effective against a broader range of bacteria and yeast than soaps containing triclosan.
  • Over-cleaning can irritate the piercing so do not clean more often unless the piercing has been exposed to dirt, sweat, or bodily fluids. Saline solution may be used to remove dried discharge between cleanings.
This is a picture of a prince albert piercing. It shows a ring pierced through the urethra, exiting through the bottom of the glans or head of the penis.
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