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While piercings can be made anywhere on the scrotum, piercings made through an outward facing fold of loose skin on the scrotum (but not through the testicular sac) are more successful. Scrotum piercings can be difficult to heal, because of contraction and expansion of the scrotum, exerting stress on the entrances of the piercing. Piercings are easily irritated by perspiration, lack of air circulation, and friction against the wearer's clothing, thighs and penis. Healing takes four to six months.

Starting Jewlery includes:
  • Captive bead rings in 14-10 Gauge and 9-11/16" in diameter. Ring diameter should be at least 1/4" or 6.5mm wider than the width of the piercing.
  • No more than a quarter of the ring should be through the piercing. A too small ring will constrict and cause the piercing to migrate and scar.
  • Scrotal piercings swell considerably in the first six weeks, so the ring must be wide enough to accommodate swelling.
This picture shows the hafada piercing. It consists of 2 ring piercings on either side of the scrotum.
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