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This piercing passes horizontally through the glans (head) of the penis. It may or may not traverse the urethra. There is some debate among piercers regarding the placement of the Ampallang; whether it should be above or through the urethra. A piercing intersecting the urethra is in effect two piercings. Piercers who prefer the transurethral piercing contend that a transurethral piercing tends to heal faster and be stronger than a piercing made above the urethra. It is possible to have more than one ampallang piercing simultaneously. Healing takes four to six months.

Starting jewellery:

  • Straight barbells in 12 to 14 gauge.
  • Barbell length is determined by measuring the penis while erect.
This is a picture depicting the ampallang piercing. It shows a piercing of a metal rod through the head of the penis horizontally, with studs on either side.
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