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This piercing is often done in sets or pairs, at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions. Passes through the coronal ridge of the glans penis and along the long axis of the penis. Dydoe piercings are prone to migration (they move) and eventual loss of the piercing. Dydoe piercings are less likely to migrate or reject if the corona is very pronounced. This appears to be a desirable first piercing for many men. Healing takes two to four months.

Starting jewellery:

  • Barbells in 14 gauge and 3/8" to 7/16"in length.
  • The barbell should be 1/16" longer than the width of the piercing.
  • Curved barbells are more appropriate if the corona is not very pronounced.
  • Many dydoe wearers find rings very uncomfortable.
This picture depicts the dydoe piercing. It shows a half ring pierced through the side of the head of the penis. Metal studs cap off the ends of the piercing.
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