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What risks are involved when getting a belly button piercing?

Risks can include:

  • Painful and potentially serious infection of the abdomen and blood poisoning.
  • Improperly sterilised equipment can spread infections.
  • An amateur body piercer can also cause nerve damage or scarring.
  • Infection can still occur even when properly sterilised equipment is used.

An infected piercing hurts, looks red and swollen, can weep and may feel hot to the touch. If your piercing looks infected, see a medical professional or body piercer for treatment.

Who should not get their belly button pierced?

If your belly button does not have the skin for the piercing to hold,

This is a picture of a belly button piercing. It depicts a small piercing through the fold of skin at the top of the navel, with a stud placed on each side of the piercing.
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