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This piercing is made through the loose skin along the underside of the shaft. Healing takes two to four months. Piercing depth is dependent on how much tissue is available to support the jewellery. Piercing width is usually between 3/8" and 1/2" wide. It is unnecessary for the penis to be erect during placement, however, the placement may change when the penis is erect. A series of frenum piercings is called a Frenum Ladder. A frenum piercing made at the base of the penis has acquired the name Lorum (lower frenum) If the wearer is uncircumcised the piercing is placed inside the foreskin.

Starting jewellery:

  • Barbells in 12 to 10 gauge and 1/2" to 5/8" in length.
  • The barbell should be 1/8" longer than the width of the piercing.
  • Rings are worn if enough loose tissue is available.
This picture shows the Frenum Ladder piercing. It consists of a series of quarter rings pierced through the bottom side of the shaft of the penis. There are several of these piercings one below the other forming a ladder formation. Metal studs cap off the ends of the ring.
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