Pubic Risks   Click here to learn about the general risks of getting a male piercing  Click here to learn about the Ampallang piercing procedure  Click here to learn how to maintain your Ampallang procedure
Risks include:
  • Infection / Rejection
  • Tearing from the use of jewellery that is too small
  • Migration of the piercing

This is generally a low risk piercing with the main risk being tearing from the use of too small jewellery. 1.6mm or 14ga is the thinnest one would use and the length or diameter will depend greatly on the placement and the person.

Care needs to be taken for some time as this piercing heals, it needs to be kept clean and free from hair. If the client does not shave then some piercers recommend cutting the hair short around the piercing and regularly checking that no hairs are going into the piercing. Generally, a piercer does not shave the area as this can lead to shaving rashes and aggravate a new piercing.

This picture depicts a pubic piercing. It is located on the skin right above the base of the penis, and several centimetres down from the belly button.
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