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Guiche piercings can be difficult to heal because of friction and pressure against the wearer's thighs and pants, and are also easily irritated by perspiration and poor air circulation. Occasionally a circle or protrusion of soft, inflamed tissue will form around the entrances of the piercing. Keep the piercing dry and wear non-restrictive clothing that allows good air circulation, such as boxer shorts. Usually the inflamed tissue recedes as the piercing heals.

  1. One of the easiest ways to clean your piercing is in the shower, after you have cleaned the rest of your body. The first step is to carefully remove any crusties from the piercing jewellery by soaking and a gentle lathering of soap. Having crusted up lymph and dried skin cells is a perfectly normal part of the healing process, but it can be irritating if pulled through the fresh piercing. To remove stubborn crust you may enlist the help of a clean Q-tip, being careful to remove any remaining fibres. Do not use fingernails!
This is a picture of a guiche piercing. It shows a ring pierced through the central area of the scrotum at the base.
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