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Soaps containing PCMX have been tested to be more effective against a broader range of bacteria and yeast thean soaps containing triclosan.

Over-cleaning can irritate the piercing so do not clean more often unless the piercing has been exposed to dirt, sweat, or bodily fluids. Saline solution may be used to remove dried discharge between cleanings.

Wash and rinse your hands. Remove any dried discharge from the jewellery using a cotton swab and warm water before rotating the jewellery; do not use your fingernails. Apply the soap around the piercing and work it into a lather while rotating the jewellery for at least 15 seconds. Allow the lather to saturate the piercing for approximately 3 minutes. Rinse your piercing, jewellery, and the surrounding area thoroughly under running water. While rinsing rotate the jewellery several times.

This is a picture depicting the ampallang piercing. It shows a piercing of a metal rod through the head of the penis horizontally, with studs on either side.
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