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The Tongue Piercing is actually the EASIEST of all the piercings to have done. There is NO SENSATION AT ALL during piercing and just a slight tingle on the underside for a few minutes after. Your tongue will be marked with 2 spots using an antiseptic called "Gentian Violet". This serves 4 purposes:

  1. It marks your skin so that your piercer knows know where to place the piercing.
  2. It kills any organisms that are present on your skin.
  3. It cleans the piercing as the piercing is made and then;
  4. keeps the piercing bacteria free for up to 2 weeks.

Once the marks are checked for accuracy your tongue will be held very lightly in a pair of custom made clamps. DON'T PANIC. The clamps most people are used to are called Duval Clamps. These are vicious, toothed clamps that are clicked down to cut off blood supply so that you feel less from the piercing. DO NOT USE DUVAL CLAMPS. The clamps most piercers use are designed specifically for the job of piercing. They do not click down and cause NO SURROUNDING DAMAGE.

This is a picture of a tongue piercing. It shows a metal stud pierced through the middle of the tongue several cenimetres from the tip of the tongue.
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