Lip Risks   Click here to learn about the risks of getting your lip pierced  Click here to learn about the procedure of getting your lip pierced  Click here to learn how to maintain your lip piercing
  • Infections during piercing and after healing (hepatitis, HIV, Tetanus, bacteria, and yeast)
  • Bleeding
  • Damage to nerves
  • Wrong kind of jewellery for the area pierced
    • too small (e.g. a ring too small can actually cut off the blood supply to the tissue, causing swelling and pain)
    • too thin or too heavy
    • allergic to the metal ("tingly feeling", diffuse swelling, persistent irritation despite effective oral hygiene)
  • Keloids (thick scarring at the piercing site)
  • Hyperplastic tissue (excess) around piercing
  • Dental damage/concerns
  • Swelling and infection of tongue
  • Chipped and broken teeth (occurs mostly within two months of acquiring the barbell)
  • Obscuring teeth during x-rays or treatment
This is a picture depicting a lip piercing. The picture shows a ring pierced through the bottom lip.
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