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These piercings respond well if you move and touch them as little as possible. Moving the jewellery too much can cause problems with rejection of piercings and can cause the growth of keloidal scar tissue on the cartilage. It is better to clean these piercings only when absolutely necessary. You must not use anything other than salt water or saline solution to clean these piercings. Alcohol, Surgical Spirit, Hydrogen Peroxide, Dettol, TCP, Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil can kill newly forming scar cells, lengthening the time it takes for your piercing to heal and leaving you open to infection and migration for longer. REMEMBER: The quicker you can heal a piercing, the better!

Clean the piercing ONLY WHEN IT IS "CRUSTY". If it isn't "crusty" then leave it alone. Pour some boiled and cooled water into a clean glass and add half a teaspoon of non-iodised table salt or sea salt to the water. Dip a cotton bud (Q-Tip) into the water and use this to scrub any crusty bits off the jewellery. Move the jewellery only enough to clean it. Do not turn the jewellery through the piercing as this will tear the newly forming tissue. Make sure that you clean all the crust off the jewellery but dont scrub at the piercing.

This picture depicts the septum piercing. It consists of a ring through the middle of the nose at the base, with the piercings going through the piece of cartiliage that seperates the nostrils.
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