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Your nose will be cleaned with alcohol to ensure that dirt, bacteria and make up are removed. This is the only time you should allow alcohol near this piercing. Your nose will be marked with a small blue dot using a very powerful antiseptic called "Gentian Violet". As well as marking the skin for accuracy of piercing, this cleans the piercing as it is made and then keeps the piercing clean for up to two weeks.

Once marked, your skin will be held lightly in a pair of clamps. DON'T PANIC. The clamps most people are used to are called Duval Clamps. These are vicious, toothed clamps that click down to reduce the blood supply to the area and are EXTREMELY uncomfortable. DO NOT USE DUVAL CLAMPS. The clamps most piercers now use are specifically designed for piercing. They do not click down and cause NO SURROUNDING DAMAGE. The sensation is like being held lightly between finger and thumb.

The piercing is made using a specially made intravenous cannula which is a very sharp needle surrounded by a plastic sleeve similar to those used for drips in hospitals.

This is a picture depicting a nose piercing. This picture shows a nose ring pierced through the nostril on the outer edge.
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