Face Maintenance   Risks

Do not turn the jewellery through the piercing as this will tear the newly forming tissue. Make sure that you clean all the crust off the jewellery but dont scrub at the piercing. If there is any loose secretion around the piercing you can clean this off but leave anything that is stuck so that you dont damage the fragile tissue underneath.

Do not allow Make-up, Hairspray, Hair gel, Perfume or Saliva (even your own) to come into contact with your piercing. ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your piercing and don allow anybody else to touch it. Leave the jewellery that we have put into your piercing until it has completely healed. Changing the jewellery too soon will damage your piercing.

This is a picture of the cheek piercing. It consists of a stud which is pierced through the cheek, above the lips, but below the nose.
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