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The following is a list of services available in Toronto. If you are unable to find what you need or it is not in your area call any of the organizations listed below and they can help you find the appropriate service or location. We hope you find this guide useful!
This information is as of June, 2003. If any of it is out-of-date, contact 211 Toronto: they do community information services by phone (just dial 211 to speak with a community referral specialist) or on the net, where you can access their database of all the community info you could ever need, at
Facts of Life Line
bullet Automated taped info on a variety of sexual topics
AIDS and Sexual Health Hotline
(416) 392 -2437 or
bullet Info, counselling and referrals on HIV/AIDS and sexuality issues
bullet Ontario-wide
bullet 16 different languages spoken
bullet Monday Friday 9am 11:30pm; Saturday and Sunday 11am 4pm
Toronto Rape Crisis Centre: Multicultural Women Against Rape
Administration line
bullet Crisis intervention and culturally sensitive counselling
bullet Support and referrals for survivors of rape/ sexual assault/ incest
bullet Support groups for sexually assaulted women
bullet Court support and accompaniment
bullet Anonymous and confidential
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