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Chapter 10: HIV/AIDS
Aids-It's such a scary word. I worry that we are forgetting about aids and how serious it is. More and more young women are contracting HIV. This is bad news. We still aren't using condoms?. Aids is something we all have to learn about and It's something we need to really think about before we have sex. Yes It's a drag but so is dying. In this chapter there are a lot of facts that can help you understand how to take care of yourself. Hey GRRRLS, let's stop messin around and look out for ourselves! read on to find out how, by Chi Nguyen
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 HIV / AIDS Chapter Introduction Interview on HIV / AIDS Article: A Woman Who is HIV Positive What is Safe Sex? How to Put on a Condom  How to Use a Dental Dam Information about Getting Tested HIV / AIDS Links & Resources Link to Poems & Personal Stories