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Alright chiquitas, welcome to the Little Black Book - On-line! A few years ago you may have been one of the lucky people holding this book in your hands for the first time. But with the help of sponsors, a design team and wonderful technology, you can now view it on-line. The book was created especially for and by young women. It's a special book all about healthy sexuality and we're super proud of it. Why? Because the book was put together by a diverse group of teenage girls who have questions (and sometimes answers) about what and why and who we are as young women. Like the book, this site contains helpful, interesting and informative pieces. There are stories of personal experiences, poetry, important information,
knowledge from being 'Arcade kids' (hanging out at the youth drop-in program a St. Stephen's Community House). A group of dedicated young women took Jessica Harrod's idea and made it The Little Black Book with funding from The City of Toronto AIDS Prevention Program. They interviewed many experts around Toronto to get straight facts about the stuff us chiquitas have to deal with. The Little Black Book On-line has taken some of the content from the book and has added some content from issues of Venus. So this website is an extended version of the book you may have already come to know and love. We think that young women in Toronto are among
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and resources. The authors of The Little Black Book were all young women aged 14 to 18. Most of the authors gained a lot of their
the luckiest creatures on this planet. We live in an amazing city, in a culture that allows us to be who and what we want.
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