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Hilary Quigley
Anupama Ajeya
Suvi Siu
Dawn Booth
Chauntae Walls
Cinzia Rando
Emma Brown
Sonya Reynolds
Kristina Pellitier
Michelle Soltau
Annie Grainger
Samantha Watt
Chi Nguyen
Yan Wu
Rebecca Hodgson Dewitt  
Also, we'd like to thank our great volunteers:
Roland Hönsch - Technical Advisor
Tomé Moitas - Sound Technician
Venus Team
Opened in 1990 by St. Stephen's Community House, The Youth Arcade is a youth drop-in program that offers youth a safe area to hang out with their friends and have fun. Youth can get support or advice from the staff and sometimes they are also given the opportunity to learn something new or share their ideas during group sessions or workshops.
Venus rose out of the drop-in program at St. Stephen's, the Arcade. A group of young women that, with the help of a co-ordinator, dedicated themselves to producing a zine aimed toward young women. The zine called Venus is still being produced today and provides young people with the opportunity to get their work published. The Venus editorial board consists of young women varying in age that share the same goal, to produce another issue of Venus that provides
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