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Link to St. Stephen's Community House Main Site
Hassle Free Clinic
For women: 6
For men:
556 Church St: Downtown Toronto near Wellesley Subway.
bullet Anonymous HIV testing
bullet Abortion counselling
bullet Info on birth control and sexually transmitted infections
bullet Testing for STDs, pregnancy
bullet Emergency contraceptive pill
bullet Emergency and follow-up counselling
bullet They prefer if you make an appointment, but they can offer some emergency services
bullet 2 times a week they have anonymous STD testing services
bullet In cases of sexual assault, they can give referrals and advice if you are interested in pressing charges
bullet Free and confidential
Jessies Centre for Teenagers
Emergency cell phone (
205 Parliament St: Downtown east end of Toronto near Queen and Parliament, streetcar required.
bullet Counselling and referrals on sexuality, birth control, abortion, pregnancy, parenting, finances, and housing
bullet Pre-and post-natal classes, prenatal nutrition, breast feeding support, and nurses on staff
bullet Lunch and snack programs, TTC tickets, and condoms
bullet High school courses
bullet Services offered in many languages
bullet Clothing swap shop with maternity clothes and infant clothing
bullet Supportive atmosphere
bullet Free and confidential
bullet Non-Profit housing: two and three bedroom apartments, 16 units for 8 teen parents
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