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Youth Clinical Services

800 Oakdale Rd: Near Finch and Weston Rd. in a plaza near Canadian Tire.
bullet Counselling services (individual, family relationships, post-trauma depression, anxiety disorders, dissociative and personality disorders, body image)
bullet Addictions programs (individual, family and group substance abuse counselling)
bullet Healthy sexuality program (info on birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, including treatment, and pregnancy)
bullet Sexually transmitted infections testing and info
bullet Pregnancy info
bullet For youth 13-29
Planned Parenthood
36B Prince Arthur Ave: Take the subway to St. George and walk north from Bloor one block
bullet Information by phone, mail or in person on sexuality, fertility, infertility, pregnancy options, birth control, sterilization, relationships, STIs, HIV/AIDS, and relationships
bullet has information on Planned Parenthood locations across Canada, which can offer services or make referrals on sexual health related services in your area
The House
36B Prince Arthur Ave: Downtown Toronto, near St. George Subway.
bullet Youth focused health centre 13 - 25
bullet Birth control info, Emergency contraceptive pill
bullet STI info and testing, HIV/AIDS testing
bullet Basic health care
bullet Short term counselling
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