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Link to St. Stephen's Community House Main Site
Choice in Health Clinic
597 Parliament St., Suite 207: Take the Subway and get off at Wellesley and walk east to Parliament. Just South of Wellesley.
bullet Pregnancy options counselling
bullet Abortions up to 15 weeks, and parental consent is not required
bullet Post-abortion counselling and check ups
bullet Pregnancy testing and assessments, STI testing
bullet Birth control information
bullet Interpretation services available
bullet Emergency contraceptive pill
bullet No referral from doctor required
The House (
36B Prince Arthur Ave: Downtown Toronto, near St. George Subway.
bullet Youth focused health centre 13 - 25
bullet Birth control info, Emergency contraceptive pill
bullet STI info and testing
The Hospital for Sick Children
Pre-Natal Clinic (416) 813-6189,
Teen Clinic
555 University Ave: Downtown Toronto, south of Queens Park Subway.
bullet Prenatal Clinic offers classes for youth about how to take care of you and the baby, during the pregnancy and after the birth
bullet Outpatient substance abuse programs
bullet Eating disorder programs
bullet Abortion referrals
bullet Birth control info
bullet Short term counselling for sexual abuse victims
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bullet HIV/AIDS testing
bullet Basic health care
bullet Short term counselling
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