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During pregnancy can you leave your belly button ring in?

If you are pregnant you can wear your belly button ring up to the 5th or 6th month. Once the skin on your abdomen begins to significantly stretch you should take it out or upsize the gauge.

Can you remove your belly button ring?

If your piercing is new you will most likely be wearing a captive bead ring. It's a good idea to go back to the shop you got the piercing at and ask them to remove it and replace it with your new body jewellery. If your belly button piercing is healed then wash your hands, your navel and the new body jewellery that you will be inserting. Next unscrew the ball that is in your piercing and pull the barbell down and out, then insert your new body jewellery into your piercing from the inside of the belly button up and out and screw the ball on.

This is a picture of a belly button piercing. It depicts a small piercing through the fold of skin at the top of the navel, with a stud placed on each side of the piercing.
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