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The placement of this piercing should be considered carefully by the piercer making sure that the depth is correct and they will not tear out and that the jewellery will fit comfortably. It is also important to look at the labia carefully for any major capillaries or small arteries.

If you wish for more than one piercing then placement is of extreme importance in relation to healing and future comfort. If the piercings are placed directly opposite each other, as one would naturally imagine they should, it can cause major healing problems as the rings will rub on each other and irritate each other. One ring can actually push the other piercing out if placed extremely close. For multiple piercings you should always ensure that the rings sit beside each other comfortably and not irritate which often means placing one higher than the other in a sort of zig-zag arrangement.

This is a picture of a labia piercing. It shows 2 ring piercings, one on each side of the outer labia.
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