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This topic is controversial, as every piercer has different ideas on what heals. Basically the skin needs time to form a tube of scar tissue around the piercing. If it is kept clean and free from dirt, germs and fluff then it will heal quickly and can be healed in roughly 2 days to 4 weeks. Everyone is different.

It takes some time for the piercing to toughen up and so for the first 4 months care needs to be taken that only gentle tugging or pulling is done. Once settled, it is rare for this piercing to tear.

Your own urine acts as an antiseptic to yourself and this piercing heals quite fast because of this. It is recommended having a squirt bottle of non-iodised salt water to rinse with instead of drying after going to the toilet. Squirt with salt water and then just gently pat.

This is a picture depicting a clitoral hood piercing. It shows a ring pierced through the clitoral hood, which is the fold of skin that covers the clitoris.
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