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  1. Leave training studs in for 4 to 6 weeks. For the first 6 months do not go any longer than 24 hours without wearing earrings, otherwise the hole could begin to close. This will assure the newly pierced hole will be formed properly. If after the four week healing time the ear feels sore when changing earrings, go back to the training studs and continue these instructions for an additional one or two weeks.

  2. After the 4 to 6 week training period, other earrings may be worn. These should be made of gold, surgical Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver. No heavy earrings should be worn for at least 4 months after the training period.

  3. Pain, redness or swelling is not a normal result of ear piercing. This condition could indicate an allergic reaction to gold or that your body cannot tolerate a foreign object in the skin. Should this condition occur, see your doctor at once
This is a picture showing all the various types of piercings one can get on an ear.
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