So many issues come to mind when we think of parenting.  This web page and all the links you find here is what we think are some of the main issues in parenting.  We have searched the internet and found what we think are the top web sites for information.  Within these web sites, you will also find more links to more detailed information on the desired topics you wish to review.  We hope that you and your children benefit from the information that you will receive.   What we hoped to have done is simplify your search for knowledge.

Child Development Web Links:   Safety Web Links:

When we think of child development what comes to mind?  We have come up with some important issues concerning child development. A couple examples are, child psychology and physical development. Since every child's growth patterns are different, there are no actual timelines, just guidelines to help us. For better info, we recommend seeing a pediatrician, or doctor, if you feel that your child is lacking in his or her development.

Child Psychology
Top sites for child development.

Bed wetting
Bed-wetting guide for children.

Discipline that build self-esteem
A web-site dedicated to providing resorces and information to help make parenting more rewarding, effective and fun.

Baby to toddler
A good site that offers great information about your baby or toddler.


Child safety is one of the most important issues facing parents today. The best way to keep your child safe is to educate yourself and your child(ren).  The following information ranges from teaching bathroom safety to playing in the park safely.  

It is our responsibility to keep our kids safe, and having up to date information is vital.  Browse the following links and you will find excellent tips to educate yourself on this important topic.

Canada's official car safety website.

Travelling with your kids
The ultimate family travel website.

Police Safety
Kid's safety on the internet.

Child safety centre
A fun site that offers information on safety that your child(ren) will love.

Children's fire safety tips.

Learning disabilities Web Links:   Childcare Web Links:

A learning disability can be a shocking thing to learn about your child.  What do you do? 

We have found that the best way to deal with this situation is to educate yourself.  Knowledge is the only way to handle this. You can come up with a variety of strategies to help you deal with your child’s disability. The more you know, the more you can help your child. The following links offer a wide range of info regarding any question that you might have.

Learning Disabilities
Find out what learning disabilites are and how to diagnose them.

A variety of informative websites dealing with children and special needs.

Abuse of children with disabilities
Facts about children with disabilites who suffer from abuse.

Top sites dealing with Dyslexia diagnosis, symptoms and treatments.


There are over 800 childcare centres and 2000 approved homecare providers in the city of Toronto. The children in these licensed childcare settings range from infant to school age.  A variety of options in childcare can provide a sense of freedom.  Having your child in homecare or a licensed childcare facility that feels safe and comfortable for both you and your child is key to healthy social development.   Feel free to browse our list of homecare providers and childcare centres in the city.

A website dedicated to parents and their children.

Child Care Canada
Childcare Resources.

Toronto Nannies
An easy way to search for your perfect caregiver.

Ontario child care
Searching for childcare? this is the perfect site.


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