We all need peace of mind when we are facing hard times or feel hopeless in certain situations. Here are some tips on how to cope with family and legal situations. We have designed this website to educate you as to what to do and how to get help in the following situations. Scroll down and begin the learning process!

Welcome! This website was designed for families and their peers for some guidance and understanding about legal advice, empowering them with some knowledge and what to do in such cases as: divorce, child custody, parental access, legal aid (property, child, spousal support), financial support for parents with children, keeping safe from abuse in relationships and child support (F.R.O),



Divorce can be a complicated situation for both parties. Issues that can include personal property, custody of a child(ren) and financial division. If both parties are in agreement, they can have a lawyer draw up an agreement enlisting the division of properties and personal items. Individual situations vary and legal cases can last months, which is expensive and time consuming and can be stressful. It?s a good idea to make a checklist for separation agreements.

Checklist for separation agreements:

-Parenting (custody and access).

-Equalization of assets debt?s, household assets, bank accounts, other properties etc.

-Spousal support term?s of support, medical, dental etc.

-Child support term?s cost?s of living, amount etc.

-Miscellaneous divorce legal fees, financial disclosure.

-Independent Legal Aid (ILA) legal aid help for those whom may not have the financial stability to afford the legal fees.

To have access to your child(ren) means to have the right to visit with them, spend time with them as indicated and or agreed upon from both sides (parties).

Supervised Access

Depending on the case, the supervised access visit can be supervised by a family member (relative) or a Children?s Aid Worker.During a supervised visit, the non-custodial parent is not allowed to be left alone with the child(ren).

Custody & Shared Custody
Legal Aid/Lawyers

Sole Custody

This involves having custody of a child(ren). One parent is responsible for every aspect of child rearing. This includes providing healthy eating, clothing, setting limits and giving love and support.

Shared Custody

This involves sharing custody of the child(ren). All decisions, in the interest of the child(ren) is made by both parents. These decisions involve issues such as where the child should attend school etc. Child(ren) reside with each parent for varying time periods depending on decisions made by the courts and the parents.

RESOURCES : Useful Websites

Attorney General Information on lawyers for children.

This site holds informative topics surrounding divorces, etc.

fathers-Resources Resources for divorced/separated fathers.

Help in dealing with child support orders.

Legal Aid for those who need financial assistance in hiring a lawyer. A website for women dealing with domestic disputes/violence.

For parents with financial situations, there are legal aid offices in and around the city of Toronto. These offices provide helpful information needed to secure a lawyer for court proceedings.

Lawyers are important as they help build your case and use the proper steps on presenting your case before the courts.

Locations of Legal Aid offices in Toronto and area:

Region Address Tel No.

Toronto 375 University Ave

Scarborough 1921 Eglinton Ave. E.

North York 45 Sheppard Ave. E.

Etobicoke 5415 Dundas St. W.

Brampton 205 County Court Blvd. (905) 453-1723


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