The world of work is something we all have to deal with in day to day life.  The employment portion of the KYTES website is designed to help provide single parents with Employment Resource Centres, resume writing, cover letters and proper job hunting skills. We, as single parents, need to be able to pay our bills, pay our rent and provide the basic necessities for our children.  So, I hope that we have provided enough information on employment for the single parents of Toronto and surrounding areas.

Job Hunting Skills   Resume Writing and Cover Letters

Knowing how to job search properly is a necessity in order to find the job that is best suited to your qualifications.  So here are a few links in order to help you find the job that’s right for you.

Monster has the best job search tools and career advice on the web.  We will show you how to land the job that’s right for you.

Workopolis is Canada’s leading provider of internet recruitment and job search solutions.

Career Bookmarks is more than a list of Web sites and books.  The information has been organized according to the career planning and jobsearch process and users are encourage to develop their own “filebox” or customized list of resources






Resume Writing Checklist


-Do you know enough about the job for which you are applying?
-Do you know anything about the company?
-Do you have the skills required to do the job?
-Do you know where to send your resume?

Style and Format

-Does your name appear large on top of your resume?
-Did you include your phone number?
-Did you place the most relevant information close to the top of your resume?
-Do your headings stand out?
-Did you bold face your job titles?
-Did you use bullets to describe your job?
-Did you start each entry with a verb?
-Does your resume fit on one or two pages?
-Did you use an easy to read font?
-Did you make sure the font is not too small to read?
-Are the font size and type consistent throughout your resume?
-Did you include only relevant information?
-Can an employer get a good sense of who you are from your resume?
-Is all information on your resume true?


Employment Centers   Interview Skills

Finding a job is hard enough with not knowing where to go to find a job.  Employment Resource Centres or employment websites will help.  Here are some helpful websites.

1)  Federal Job Bank

Job bank is an electronic listing of jobs provided by employers from everywhere across Canada.

2)  Job Canada

The first weekly employment listing with a newspaper layout.  Provides job opportunities for Toronto and surrounding areas.

3)  Employment News

Employment news is published to provide the job seeker with up-to-date, detailed information about local and regional job opportunities.  It is available free of charge in thousands of locations across Ontario, as well as online.

4)  NetJobs

Netjobs is a job board service provided by WebClarity Software Inc. Netjobs offers you fast and easy job searching and resume posting. It’s a very simple solution to job searching.




Preparing beforehand and having the proper job interview techniques are necessary in order to make a good impression on a future employer. Included are some job interview "do’s and dont's."


-research the company
-practice your answers
-prepare questions to ask
-bring paper and pen
-bring extra copies of resume
-bring list of references
-be on time
-dress appropriately
-maintain eye contact
-present yourself positively
-be honest
-ask about the next step
-follow up by telephone
-send a thank you letter
-be enthusiastic and interested


-don’t come unprepared
-don’t be late
-don’t give limp handshakes
-don’t neglect appearance
-don’t be rude
-don’t be overly friendly
-don’t emphasize money or benefits
-don’t make excuses
-don’t criticize anyone (i.e. former employers)
-don’t be too aggressive
-don’t talk too much
-don’t fidget or slouch
-don’t forget to smile

Content for Employment:

Dixon Hall:  A place where single parents or single people can go to have people help them create job opportunities and live full rewarding lives.

ACCES (Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services): Access is an employment and training agency offering a variety of free employment services for employers and job hunters.

DamnGood:  Provides tips and advice on creating a great resume.

Possibilities:  Possiblities is a virtual employment centre providing information on job opportunities, career fairs, employment events, etc.

JobHuntersBible:  A site designed to show a job seeker how to properly seek a job and information on resumes and cover letters.


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