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June 10th, 2004
St. Stephen's Community House
proudly announced the grand opening of its Newcomer Family Centre at 486 Shaw Street with Citizenship and Immigration Minister Dr. Marie Bountrogianni.

St. Stephen's Newcomer Family Centre brings together a full range of settlement services for new immigrant families including English classes, child minding, family-oriented settlement counselling, an early childhood educator to help children with their adjustment; a resource centre and perinatal drop-in for expectant and new mothers. "Helping newcomers to adjust to life in Canada has been at the heart of St. Stephen's mission since we were founded in 1962," says St. Stephen's Executive Director, Liane Regendanz.

The grand opening also premiered Heartbreaking Decision, a documentary video about parent/child separation in Chinese newcomer families. This has become a serious issue among families in the Chinese community. They are pressured to send away their infants to live with relatives in China as they struggle with employment barriers, substandard housing conditions and a lack of affordable child care. Shirley Cheng, one of the mothers featured in the video, explains: "I couldn't let him suffer like this. No matter how hard life is, I can survive it myself. When my life improves, then my child will come back to live with me." Over half of Chinese women in perinatal programs across Toronto face this heartbreaking decision. Our goal is to help newcomer families cope with separation, and deal with the challenges of reunification.


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