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A lament for the chickens in a Kensington Carnival Arts Society production at the Theatre Centre in 1990. - Photo courtesy: Kensington Carnival Arts Society
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In 1998, Toronto Mayor Lastman, who grew up in Kensington, did a walkabout through the area and met Frances Borg of Sanci's, a boyhood neighbour and friend. - Photo courtesy: Toronto Star Syndicate
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Kensington has long been a subject for stories, photographers and filmmakers. From 1975 to 1982, the CBC ran a popular television series called 'King of Kensington', starring Al Waxman. - Photo courtesy: St. Stephen's Community House
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At Baldwin and Spadina, stands a sculpture of a globe surrounded by the diverse products that can be found within the market. - Photo Courtesy: St. Stephen's Community House
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Kensington Market is one of the last remaining open-air markets mixed within a residential area. - Photo Courtesy: St. Stephen's Community House
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KYTES (originally Kensington Youth Theatre Ensemble of St. Stephen's) is an innovative program that uses theatre as a tool to help youth reconnect with their community. KYTES is now an independent agency known as Kensington Youth Theatre and Employment Skills program. - Photo Courtesy: St. Stephen's Community House
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