Conflict Resolution Service

The Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) at St. Stephen's Community House has been providing Toronto and Ontario with alternative dispute resolution services and training since 1985. We operate a community mediation program, offer training in mediation and conflict management, and provide organizations and businesses with affordable mediation, facilitation and consulting services.

Conflict is a fact of life, especially in complex, crowded urban environments. We cannot hope to eliminate conflict from our lives, nor would we want the different opinions, values and lifestyles that often lead to conflict to disappear. But poorly managed conflicts, or conflicts left unresolved, can undermine our enjoyment of our home or neighbourhood, interfere with work and business, or escalate into violence that threatens our safety and security.

Traditional means of resolving conflicts are not always effective, and in some cases, not effective at all. Law enforcement can only deal with situations where laws have been broken. Authority can resolve some issues among people, but sometimes people must resolve issues themselves, especially lifestyle and relationship problems which are seldom resolved by traditional means.

The Conflict Resolution Service is a known and trusted pioneer in dispute resolution in Ontario. Contact us to talk about your conflict resolution needs.

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Conflict Resolution Service

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