Professional Training

St. Stephen's Conflict Resolution Service training workshops are based on the experience we have in dispute resolution in workplaces, neighbourhoods and organizations. Our skills-based workshops are participatory, combining discussion, exercises, short presentations, demonstrations and role-play.

We offer four regular professional workshops:

  • Interpersonal Mediation
  • Advanced Interpersonal Mediation
  • 5-Day Intensive Mediation
  • Managing Conflict with Angry Clients

Please fill out our online Professional Training Registration Form or click here to download it in .PDF format.

Workshop Description Date

Interpersonal Mediation

20 hours

This 3-day workshop introduces you to a 5-step mediation model. The workshop includes:

  • How to build cooperation and achieve win/win solutions
  • Instruction from experienced mediators in 4 role-play sessions
  • Key communications skills, power imbalances, handling bias, writing balanced agreements and more
  • A 40-page manual

13-15 Aug 08 & 22-25 Oct 08

Advanced Interpersonal Mediation

20 hours

This 3-day workshop builds on what was learned in Interpersonal Mediation. The workshop includes:

  • More mediation role plays
  • A focus on reframing skills
  • Advanced problem-solving
  • Pre-mediation strategies
  • Issues of power and culture in relation to mediation
  • A 40 page manual

30 Jan-1 Feb 08

5-Day Interpersonal Mediation

40 hours

A combination of Interpersonal Mediation and Advanced Interpersonal Mediation for people who prefer intensive learning.

1-5 Dec 08

Managing Conflict with Angry Clients

7 hours

Interpersonal and professional communication skills for frontline workers. This focused, one-day training is geared to:

  • Managers and staff who rely on communication skills to deal with clients or supervision
  • Anyone requiring de-escalation skills such as receptionists, counsellors, home-support or attendant care workers

19 Sept 08

Our services include customized training in communication and conflict management skills. This is the most cost-effective option for groups of 8 or more. We also offer mediation with respect to two-party and more complex multi-party disputes. We also provide facilitation and team building services.

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