Workplace and Organizational Services

Is conflict in your organization:

  • Costing time and money?
  • Leading to grievances and legal actions?
  • Causing stress for employees and management?

We offer:

  • Affordable, on-site, customized services
  • Participatory and interactive processes
  • Quick response times and flexible scheduling
  • Experienced trainers and mediators with diverse skills
  • Effective lasting solutions

Your organization can be more productive with:

  • Improved and efficient communication
  • Greater flexibility in resolving workplace conflict
  • Proactive conflict management

What makes us distinctive:

We have pioneered the use of mediation in community and workplace disputes in Ontario since 1985.

Our processes solve immediate problems and help build long-term relationships.

We are a one-stop service for conflict management, consulting, and training; from one-on-one conflict to multi-party disputes.

Our training and conflict resolution processes take cultural differences, confidentiality and power imbalances into account.


In simple workplace conflicts between staff, the first step is to hold separate confidential interviews. These sessions help each person consider the value of mediation and inform the mediators of the key issues. The next step is to use a proven 4-phase mediation model that we have been practicing since 1985.

The 5-step mediation helps to:

  • Improve understanding between people
  • Look at the needs, motivation and interests behind a conflict
  • Lead to a mutually acceptable agreement
Multi-Party Conflict Resolution

In more complex multi-party conflicts, we begin with private interviews, assess the situation and consult with the respective parties to customize a process.

Our suggested interventions include:

  • Mediation between key individuals
  • Group processes (conferencing, group reconciliation, consensus building, etc)
  • Relationship building
  • Communication and conflict management training
Facilitation and Teambuilding

Facilitation and teambuilding at board meetings, staff meetings or conferences are crucial to handling difficult agendas, issues or decisions.

We provide expert facilitators who can assist with:

  • Group facilitation
  • Teambuilding
  • Strategic planning and visioning
Custom Training

Since 1988, we have offered training in third-party mediation, communication and conflict management. Customized training is the most cost-effective way to train groups of 8 people or more. We can build on the expertise of the participants and tailor the training to meet specific needs.

Our workshops are participatory, combining discussion and exercises with short presentations and demonstrations. Individually coached role-play sessions are an important part of the mediation training process.

Our customized workshops include:

  • Self-assessment tools
  • Communication skills training
  • Win-win or interest-based problem solving
  • Confronting and de-escalation skills
  • An adaptable 5-step model for mediation
  • Training for trainers
  • Facilitation training

Our fees for customized workshops with one trainer (including assessment, design and materials) range from $1,200-$1,500 per day. Additional trainers and coaches for mediation training are extra. Our rates for mediation range from $120-$150 per hour. However, these rates may be negotiable to meet your budget.

Please contact Kirsten Bowen-Willer at ext. 249 for a proposal on how we can help meet your workplace, organizational or training needs.

Our past clients have included:
  • Canadian Pacific Railways
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Board of Funeral Services
  • Park Property Management
  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Health Canada, Health Promotion and Social Development Office
  • Ministry of the Attorney General, Office of the Police Complaints Commission (Ontario)
  • Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services, Employment Equity Branch
  • City of Toronto, Parks and Recreation
  • Community Occupational Therapists and Associates
  • Ontario Dental Nurses and Assistants
  • Co-op Housing Federation of Toronto
  • Toronto Community Housing Corporation
  • Anglican Church of Canada
  • Children's Aid Society
  • Independent Living Centre of Waterloo
  • Intercultural Neighbourhood Social Services, Mississauga
  • Humber River Regional Hospital
  • Scarborough Community Care Access Centre
  • Regis College, University of Toronto
  • George Brown College, Students Association
Our Trainers, Coaches and Mediators

Our trainers, coaches and mediators are all lead mediators at St. Stephen's Conflict Resolution Service. They bring a depth of experience and a diversity of professions, cultures and backgrounds. Our ability to select the appropriate people for your needs is crucial to meeting the needs of your situation.

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