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The Jewish community created a supporting web of synagogues, sick funds, and mutual benefit societies and, in time, Hebrew schools and social organizations.

St. Christopher House, supported by the Presbyterian Church and by Sir James Wood (a wealthy Toronto businessman), was established as a settlement House in 1912, in a large house at 67 Wales Avenue. In those days, settlement houses were established to provide assistance to new immigrants and residents living in poverty. At the time they supplied food and financial assistance to families, offered English classes, sewing, boys athletics, day camps for children and a choir. For example, in the 1950s, many young members belonged to the Toronto Negro Trumpeters (TNT) band, that led parades sponsored by St. Christopher House. At the height of their success, they had about one hundred members.

Similarly, the Nathanael Institute, an ancestor of St. Stephens Community House, began its work in the early 1900s on Bellevue Avenue, supported by the Anglican Church.

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