Employment Opportunities at St. Stephen's Community House

St. Stephen's Community House employs over 150 staff in our nine program areas. Many positions require training in social services, social work, career counselling, early childhood education and gerontology.

We offer full-time, part-time and casual positions in a team-focused environment.

The administrative departments - Development (fundraising and public relations), Finance and Human Resources - have occasional openings. In addition to staff positions, we are committed to placing students from educational programs matched with our programs for a valuable learning experience.

For volunteer opportunities, please visit the Volunteer page.

For student placement opportunities, please visit the "Program and Services" section and apply directly to the Program Manager.

Visit the Current Vacancies page to view the latest job openings at St. Stephen's Community House.

You may also access our current employment opportunities on the www.charityvillage.com website.

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