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You may wish to designate your gift for a specific purpose. We offer a wide range of naming opportunities to allow donors to permanently associate their own name, a corporate name, honour a family member or a friend, with a section of our building. The name attached to the gift will appear on, or adjacent to, the respective naming opportunity and also on our donor wall at the entranceway of our head office at 91 Bellevue Avenue. Recognition of major gifts $100,000 and over may also be displayed at some of our satellite offices.

Let's Get Physical – A New Vision for our Gym

The renovations of our gymnasium at 91 Bellevue will enable us to expand active recreational programming for low-income children, youth, seniors, and people who are homeless. Access to quality facilities and fitness programs in Toronto is costly. The renovation of our existing gymnasium will provide our participants with free recreational programming, a chance to participate in team activities, cultural celebrations and community events. Our 91 Bellevue location will become a hub for health and wellness.

The Heart of our Community House

Our new, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen will vastly improve the important task of cooking hot, nutritious meals for our day care children. Our goal is to offer this renovated space for community kitchen projects geared to youth and new Canadians. The kitchen will also be available for community and theatre groups that use the gymnasium.

Lights, Camera, Action!
(The Rotary Club of Toronto)

The addition of a stage with theatre-style lighting in the gym, will make 91 Bellevue come alive with music and theatre. Our seniors love to perform their cultural songs and dances. It will bring back the nostalgia of St. Stephen's early days when the children in our daycare put on plays and concerts for parents and guests. Our homeless participants are interested in the endless possibilities for self-expression. Youth, including our KYTES theatre troupes, are excited about how they can use the space for improvisation and to tell their stories. Finally, local theatre and community groups will also have access to this space for rehearsals and performances. Underneath the stage will be a large storage space to tuck away the children's toys when not in use.

Learning Centre

The new English classroom in the lower level of the building will provide a much-improved learning environment for new Canadians. The larger, natural light-filled and better vented classroom space will benefit students and teachers alike.

Something for Everyone: Multi-Purpose Room
(Lynda Hamilton and Jack Cockwell)

The proposed renovations will mean our school-aged children will have a large, airy space, flooded with natural light, for creative play and activities in the lower level. Improved sight lines will allow teachers to keep a watchful eye on children from various locations on the floor.

Tech Centre

School-aged children will have access to computers and internet resources to finish their homework and complete assigned projects. This supervised classroom will be equipped with up-to-date technology and is located on the lower level.

Kozy Kitchenette

The addition of a kitchenette in the lower level will allow our school-age, daycare children to participate in healthy cooking projects, and will be available for the English classes and public use during community meetings.

Keeping Our Story Alive

The rich history of St. Stephen's Community House, founded in 1962, will be protected by our new archival storage areas located in the gymnasium. The floor-to-ceiling wall units next to the stage will house records and artifacts that chronicle the history of St. Stephen’s in the local community.

Sports R Us
(The Kensington Foundation)

A supply of sports equipment such as basketballs, floor hockey equipment and nets will offer hours of healthy, inclusive play. A room divider will allow for two activities to occur at any given time.

Everyone is Welcome

Renovations to the building will ensure full access to the gymnasium for people with mobility impairments. A new ramp will be incorporated in the front entrance, the door ways will be equipped with handicap access and the washroom will be fully accessible.

A Place to Call My Own
(Zev Daniels)

New "cubbies" for the school-aged children will be built in an easily accessible spot for parents and children on the lower level. Cubbies act as mail boxes so we can share information with parents, and keep mittens, coats and supplies. The cubicles provide each child with an individual space to call their own.

Spring into Action
(Daniels Capital Group)

New, maple hardwood floors will be installed in the gymnasium. This flooring is built from renewable materials specially designed to absorb the impact of physical activity. This design results in a cushioned surface that delivers softer landings. Harsh chemicals are not required to maintain the floor making it eco-friendly.

Gather Round
(Rebecca Leigh and Chris Tambakis)

New fold away tables and chairs are essential to keeping the floor space in the gymnasium clear for use. The units will easily fold up flush with the walls so little effort is required to ready the gymnasium for sports and recreational activities.

Let the Sun Shine In
(Rebecca Leigh and Chris Tambakis)

Energy efficient, double glazed thermal windows will allow the sun to warm our spirits, while at the same time reducing utility costs. These new windows will flood the gymnasium with natural light, bringing the outdoors in.

Taking Control
(James H. Cummings Foundation)

For the very first time, the radiators which grace the gym walls will have their own, individualized thermostats. This will allow for better control over the temperature of the gymnasium, reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.

Safe and Sound

Storage trolleys that tuck away under the stage are essential to keeping the gymnasium floor clear for activity. Toys, games and supplies used by our daycare children will be stored safely and securely.

The Final Touches

New furnishings will put the final touches on the lower level renovations. Contemporary play and work stations for the children, desks and chairs for our adult ESL learners and comfortable seating for our kitchenette will compliment our improved physical space.

Bright Idea

New, energy efficient lighting will be installed in the gymnasium ceiling. This new system will allow for dimmer, spot and flood options, depending on the activity underway. The lighting will be installed with coverings to protect it from stray balls and pucks.

Wash Up and Go
($5,000 each for 5 washrooms)

Ground and lower level washrooms will be upgraded to address accessibility and maintenance issues. A shower will be installed in the new staff washroom for employees who bike to work or run on their lunch hour.

Greening St. Stephen's
(beginning at $5,000)
(Rosemary Chan, Robert Wong, Les Horswill, Peter and Pauline Dawson Foundation, Phillip Howell, Drew Gyorke, Liane Regendanz, Tracey Rees)

Numerous "greening" opportunities are being incorporated into the renovations to improve energy efficiencies. New, operable windows will be energy savers; the gym will be insulated for the first time which will significantly reduce energy costs both summer and winter; energy efficient lighting will be installed; broken down and dilapidated floors, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems will all be replaced with energy efficient and/or long lasting, quality alternatives; and, all new kitchen appliances will have high energy efficient ratings.

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