Check it out: not just a book about sex, but a look at girl culture. When a
diverse group of teen girls from a community youth project had questions
about their own bodies, about relationships and about sex, they went out and
found the answers. They collected stories, poetry and artwork from other girls
and interviewed frontline health experts to get solid facts. The result? A powerful
mix of real-life examples and life-saving info.

Topics include:

  • Birth control
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections / AIDS
  • Sexual assault
  • Dating

It's all stuff that teens need to know, decked out in a compact, easy-to-browse 'zine style.

Vetted by doctors and endorsed by health professionals, The Little Black Book for Girlz offers reliable, no-nonsense information, as well as valuable resources where teens can go to find out more.

"Excellent book ... positive and empowering ..."
- The Globe and Mail

"Teens, parents..high school and public libraries will want to buy this book."
- Quill & Quire

Sample chapter is available at

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