The Big Picture of the little black book for girlz

A backgrounder

In 2002, eight young women shared an idea to create a book on healthy sexuality that would be honest, non-judgmental and encourage other young women to learn more about their bodies, their relationships and their sexuality.

What began as a project by this group of young women, who hung out at St. Stephen's Community House Youth Arcade Drop-In in downtown Toronto, is now widely available in book stores for young women, parents and health professionals everywhere. The new version was published by Annick Press and released in September 2006.

Vetted by doctors and endorsed by health professionals, the little back book for girlz offers reliable, no-nonsense information, as well as valuable resources where teens can go to find out more.

"What a great resource!"
Karen Leslie, MD, FRCPC, Staff Paediatrician, Division of Adolescent Medicine, Associate Professor of Paediatrics, the Hospital for Sick Children and
the University of Toronto

This book is about girls taking control of their bodies, their sexuality and their relationships with others. The book includes a powerful collection of stories, poetry and artwork, along with interviews with health experts about issues young women face today.

"The sub-title of this excellent book 'by youth, for youth,' sums up one of its many virtues" and "the information it provides in its frank, girl-friendly but never cloying tone covers the spectrum."
Globe and Mail, September 2006

The little black book for girlz is a great example of how the young people who come to the Youth Arcade at St. Stephen's Community House participate in the development and planning of our Youth Services.

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