About Us

St. Stephen's Community House is a unique, community-based social service agency that has been serving the needs of Kensington Market and surrounding neighbourhoods in downtown West Toronto since 1962.

Operating with a staff of more than 150 people and with the support of almost 400 volunteers, we provide services for more than 32,000 people a year. St. Stephen's addresses the most pressing issues in its community - poverty, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, isolation, conflict and violence, AIDS, racism, youth alienation and the integration of refugees and immigrants.

Our Motto: Creating Opportunities. Strengthening Communities.

Our Vision: St. Stephen's envisions an inclusive community in which harmony, empowerment and opportunity create social and economic justice and a better quality of life for all.

Our Mission: St. Stephen's works with individuals and communities in downtown west Toronto to identify, prevent and alleviate social and economic probelms by creating and providing a range of effective and innovative programs.

Our Strategy: Is to strengthen the community through creative program development using all available resources.

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